Jthereum allows you to write Smart Contracts in Java. It enables your existing development skills and resources to unlock the world of Smart Contracts.


Text guides

Getting started with Jthereum takes just a few steps and lets you get up and running with your new project in a couple of minutes.

JavaDocs – a full list of contextual API descriptions. This guide has all the information on Java classes.

Quick Jthereum Overview – a detailed guide on installing and start working with Jthereum ().

Java Installation Process – a guide on installing Java on your machine ().

Solidity Installation Process – a guide on installing Solidity on your machine ().

Sample Solidity & Java Contracts – a list of Solidity contracts written in Java for testing purposes ().

How to Run a Private Blockchain – a guide on setting your own private Ethereum Blockchain and connecting it to Jthereum ().


Video guides

If you prefer watching over reading, you can find our video guides on Jthereum.

A guide on installing and verifying dependencies for Jthereum:


A guide on installing Jthereum:


A guide on building and executing the first sample contract on a test (private) Blockchain:


A guide on changing Blockchain settings on Jthereum:


A guide on running a sample Smart Contract to interact with Uniswap exchange, and load data on major Stablecoins:


How does Jthereum handle private keys?

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